Sunday, 12 December 2010

What i missed...

The last few days were the most dreaded days of my life. I had my 1st semester M.A. exams. I never thought that passing an exam could be this tough. Being fine academically throughout my student life, it was hard for me to digest this fact for myself (I am not self praising guys but this is true).

All these days I could not come to our web classes... and these were the days of great learning. I missed the Media Centre at Trade Fair, Pragati Madan. I missed the Media Centre at Science conference which was being put by us only. But I am glad that mam gave me an opportunity to write the press release for it... I missed the tea sessions... I missed the fun my friends had all these days (I am so jealous to see my absence from the pictures you people posted on face book...lolzs!)...I even missed one more visit to DD Metro’s show Youth Express... most importantly I missed the time when all were bonding well with each other...but I was glad to know from Mayank and Sakshi that they miss me and they wanted me to try to come..I am delighted to have them as my friends and you all of course...this post is just to say that I missed u guys and wanted to make sure that you are not forgotten and hope the same for me from your side..See u soon in next class.


  1. i hold the same feelings, shruti. missing onto so much feels "left out". see you all soon.

  2. hahahahaha......donn b sad yaar yaar..:):)
    btw i really lik ur post....:):)

  3. humne toh boht maje kiye. koi nai. padhlo.

  4. lol at dhruv....
    we missed u too yaar...
    dnt wrry u ll make up for all dis fun u missed in nxt event....

  5. @ akanksha rite :)
    @ dhruv my exams r over now..i am back :)
    @ mayank thanxs a lot :)

  6. dnt b sad...
    v vl do evn more masti in class...