Friday, 17 December 2010

Class Report (15 Dec)

On 15 Dec, our first class was held by Mr Kuljeet Singh. He is an English professor but he is also involved dramatics. He made us do several activities; the activities were basically, psychological in nature. In total, we did three activities. The first one was to improve our concentration and let us know names of our friends. The next activity was to maintain eye contact with each other. This was carried out to open our hitch to face the public in future. In the last activity, we were divided in the groups of three and we were asked to perform a small skit using three props. All in all, it was an interesting and a good learning process.

The next class was held by Dr. Smita Mishra. In this class we learned few things about media research. We framed a questionnaire on crime against women and each student was required to get this questionnaire filled by four people so that the analysis of this can be done in the next class.

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  1. good work manvi....:):)
    vaise sach me yaar bohot maza aaya tha sir ki class me.....:)