Thursday, 23 December 2010

Class Report

On 22nd Dec, our first class was with Mr. K.K. Jha. He is an Indian but shifted to Mauritius about a decade back and associated himself with Mahatma Gandhi Sansthan. We had a very small session with him but the session carried the meaning in its own sense. He had a deep knowledge about his place which according to me was a point of learning as to be a successful journalist to know your place is must. He gave a brief description about the historical background of media of Mauritius and even told that Mauritius has a Bhojpuri radio channel and Shok Samachar in Hindi is broadcasted there.

Our second class was with Mr. Rishabh Sharma. He started working while pursuing his PG. he is a very young man and his achievement at this stage was most aspiring. He was associated with big names like India TV, Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times and lots more and he is currently working for Live India. We had a very friendly class with him. He taught less and rather satisfied our urge for practical knowledge about media by answering our questions. He even promised to cover our event ‘Josh’ if we all work hard for it. He is a man with experience and our sessions with him in future will be equally interesting.

Our third class was with Dr. Smita Mishra. We did not study in terms of our course but we learnt some practicalities about media line. Mama shared her experiences, her knowledge and some harsh realities about this professional stream. This was very vital for all of us and I am sure that this would have helped many of us to grow psychologically

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