Thursday, 23 December 2010

Life Can Be Funny

Life can be funny sometimes in the way that it always finds the right time for the wrong things to happen or the wrong time for the right things to happen. Did you ever notice that when you really need to be somewhere at a specific time, that green light happens to turn red at the same time you go speeding through it? To make matters worse, the policeman that's never around when the person in front of you runs a light is now following you with his lights flashing and siren wailing.

I really hate it when that huge chapter six Math test which you promised your parents you'd get an A on (or else have your license taken away for a month) is actually on chapter seven.To top it all off, you studied for three hours and missed one of the best episodes of Roadies, which you've been waiting to see for two weeks.

The day gets even better when the guy you've been dating for about a month decides he wants to see other people fifteen minutes after his best friend told you he was going to ask you out and bring you a dozen red roses. By the end of the day, your "dream guy" is walking around with the most popular girl in school glued to his arm.

It's more than ironic when you're running up the stairs at school and just as you trip and fall flat on your face, three gorgeous guys are going down the stairs just in time to witness the horrifyingly embarrassing event. As they're laughing, they happen to notice the picture from your last sleep over that fell out of your bag of you with gems stuck up your nose and pretzels coming out of your ears.

So when your ticket is all paid for, the idea of actually driving again is a reality, you've got a new boyfriend, and the embarrassing picture is tom to shreds, look back on these things and laugh. Remember, acknowledge life and move on!

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