Monday, 13 December 2010

My dream that came true...

Since the time we grow up we plan to shape our career, our aspirations and our desires. In school only we plan to take admission in college of our choice. The choice totally depends on what we have chosen as our career. My dream since I entered my teenage was to take admission in DU and that too in a co-ed. College and have the freakiest yet most intelligent group in the class. Co-ed. College was a condition because I have always thought that studying in a co-ed. educational setup helps an individual to grow better. My dream made me work harder and harder in 12th standard and I end up getting fair marks to get admission in on campus co-ed. College. I still remember my first day- a day full of hope, joy and butterflies in my stomach. I was so enthusiastic about meeting seniors, about being getting ragged and to have a whole new group of friends. But the day was not as I expected. The auditorium in which our orientation was to take place was so full that I could not even enter into it, seeing the face of the Principal was out of the question. I stood outside it for long but left the college with my classmate from school who also took admission in my course only.

Next day it was raining heavily but my desire to be in college dragged me out of my home to college. Since my school friend was not coming to college that day I was very scared to go alone. Then in the corridor I met a fresher (I could know he is a fresher as he was looking equally scared). On being introducing myself to him I was delighted to know that he is fortunately my new classmate. Then whole day I was with him but I never knew that one day he will become my Best Friend. Then gradually the classes began and I became friends with many...

I was even ragged. But it was a very healthy ragging. For instance, we were asked to introduce ourselves in Hindi. One word of English and you have to repeat everything again. (Just think what is B.A. or B.Sc. Called in Hindi? Answer this in reply to the post).

My college life was running smooth but within a week I realized that I was not as happy as I was supposed to be. It was mostly because what I have seen in movies or serials or have read in books about college life the reality was totally opposite. The only difference I could feel in college and school life was that there was no uniform and less rules and restrictions were there. But with passing time I started enjoying this freedom and I made a totally reliable, loving and over caring group of friends. We were eight in number including me. With each passing day we came closer and closer. The time spent with them is the time I cherish the most. It was that awesome time that I would narrate those incidences to my children!

The three years passed very quickly and I still miss each one of them and my college despite pursuing another course from Delhi University. My Graduation days brought many positive changes in me and over all improved my personality and I can proudly say that I lived my dream because of my group and those were the best days of my life!!


  1. i like the post shruti....:):)
    but jst wanna ask u dat was dis d only dream in ur life?

  2. Hmmm....It was the best time dost and I too really miss it..

  3. no mayank it was one of my dream that came true...there r many and i am working for their attainment.. :)