Thursday, 20 November 2014


There are many tribes in India like  khasi tribes, bhil tribes, angami tribes, Jarawa tribes etc. The Jarawa tribe are one of the tribe who lives in the Andaman island in India. Their present number are estimated at between 250-400 individuals.Meaning of the name of jarawa is "people of the earth" or "hostile people" in Aka-Bea. , jarawa of both the sexes go completely naked, but they wear some ornaments. With the increased contact with the outsiders of jarawa they wear cloths which they called up as kangapo. The language they speak is known as "Onge". The jarawa  both sexes decorate their bodies and face with clay. They eat wild boar, turtles, and their eggs, crabs, fruits and honey. Mostly they depend on hunting, fishing and gathering activities and fruits like jack fruit and honey.Although the supreme court of India banned in 2002 their highway which jarawa can reserved.


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