Thursday, 25 September 2014

The New Trend Of Social Media And Social Remedies.

The medium by which we can share the views and news, ideas and thoughts with the mass or with the persons is known as Media. In short, the medium of communication is known as Media. Today Media is essential for the society as well as for the mass. There are many types of media we have, like Traditional Media, electronic media, print media, outdoor media and most important new media. New media used in America first time. After discovering of internet it’s totally based on internet like twitter, television, Facebook, radio, chat on, hang out, viber,  whatsapp, line makes impact on society , in both the way positive as well as negative. As per positive impact the new media creates the social awareness like getting knowledge regarding education, news ,tourism , selling and purchasing, etc. Eg:- Anna movement against corruption. Wide also create the negative impact, like yellow journalism in it vulgarity, porn sites damages. If the govt. made such policies by which we could manage the social media in a control then we can improve alot in a society like in education, in social awareness, to removal of social evil {dowry and rape etc.} and we can make truth Gandhi-ans dreams about India. The Gandhi dreams was media is like a flood water if we can control the flood water then we can solve the multi-purpose but it will become uncontrol then it ruined the society, like a flood. 

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