Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Class activity

 The last class we had gone through a phenomenal interview session activity with Smita mam. That was an amazing experience. We are 10 students and divided into 5 groups. Mam gave us some topics and we had performed on it. These topics are:- crime reporting, celebrity interview, IT technologies, politics and football reporting. crime news was performed by Nidhi and Momin, celebrity interview was performed by Nancy and Ishant, IT technologies interview was performed by alok and shubham, politics performed by hem naryan and gajendr, football interview was performed by vinayak and gurpratap. Each of the participants gone through their topics and came up with conclusion into their respective field. They also came across some of the pit falls of the system and they also emphasis the appropriate way to overcome it. I would like to thank for this spectacular opportunity given by smita mam.


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