Saturday, 22 October 2016

Shades of Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotsav

 India the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people . The mosaic of art and culture  , the potpourri of tradition , India Stands as one of the oldest living civilization which has offered to the rest of the world  the elemental sound "auomm" the concept of zero and  the richness of yoga  . A treasure of art and culture , India is not just a land but the storehouse of beauty , dream , tradition and verve . Art and culture of India have left several scholars and intellectuals spell bounded . India has preserved its culture through careful curation and encouragement of paintings , scriptures and  artforms  .  And the same was seen at Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotsav at Indira Gandhi national center for arts . As the name suggests it is the cultural festival of india conceptualised by the ministry of cultural  - government of India to celebrate spirit of tradition and culture . It reconnects the new generation with Indian culture and showcases to the country and the world about  the soft power of unity in diversity of India . 
The glorious carnival  was a showcase of different crafts and paintings of India which glorified its rich heritage  .Exhibition hall was divided into various zones .  Each zone of India   be it north ,  south , east or west nurtures its own craft practiced and influenced by its geography and tradition  . The magnificent festival undiscovered the various talents  be it a lac bangle making , bronze sculptures or tanjavur paintings  with over 300 craftsperson from all over the India . The exhibitions stalls included the famous Maharashtrian sand rangoli depicting the sequence of  Valmik Rramayana . The dance Kathisamu and Karasma of Andhra Pradesh  converted the arena into an oasis of bliss for the dance lovers . the festival was coompanied by a wide ranging assortments of regional cuisines and delicacies prepared by traditional chefs . Delicacies showcased here included scrumptious regional meals from 35 states . One could fully enjoy the balmy october sun at the Rashtriya Sanskritik Mahotasv and enhance  ones knowledge with trimendous and rich culture of India 

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