Monday, 24 October 2016

Hyederabad lac bangles

Lac bangles are considered auspicious is several cultutre of the country and therefore popular during marriage ceremonies in region like hyderabad. In hyderabad lac bangles continue to be popular among married woman. They are prefered as they are soothing to wear and do not cause ingection or itchiness like in the case of plastic or glass bangles. 
What id lac bangles?
Lac is a resinous substance secreted by an insect called kerria lacca. The insect hosts itself or branches of certain trees such as kusam andpopal and forms a red encrustation around it. The coated branches are cut and sieved and the material obtained is washed to remove all impurities. 
Lac is available in different qualities like dark black,brown,and light golden the latter being the best and most expensive.
Process of making lac bangles:
Lac pieces are first melted in a shallow vessel or kadai when it is in a a semi molten state beroza giya pathar powderamd color are added to it. The mixture is stired continuously the colored lac is now stuck on the end of a wooden stick the lac stuck aeound a wooden rod is heated slowly over the coal burner or angithi. 

It is a simultaneously pressed with a stone or a wooden tool called hatha at regular intervals when it is sufficiently warm and soft it is wrapped with the desired colir by rubbing the color by rubbing the colored lac stick on it evenly for this purposr the colored lac stick also has to be warn enough and is therefore neated over the burner. After the color has been applied to the lac basr it is shapped into thin coil with help of a hattha and cut of from the plain lac rod.

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