Friday, 14 October 2016


This question took life of my classmates…. Now we all have answer….. of this life threatening question….

                WHAT IS CULTURE ???

The Language which we use to communicate, the Music, The Clothes we wear, the Beliefs, The Food we eat, the Science and Technology, The Religion we follow, The custom we share. They all are part of culture.

Culture is often used as Dance, Music , Art and Sculpture but it means more:-

It is about the way of life, the whole way of life, about cities, town and villages, the games, the festivals, the rituals , the celebrations, the food , the crops we grow, the education, the social and political system and everything.

Culture is both materialistic and non-materialistic

Materialistic : - The Vehicles, Monuments, Building and Sculpture

Non Materialistic : - Belief , Idea , Action, The Language , Behavior, The Religion and Practices

Culture is like an iceberg

Above the surface are the visible aspects of culture which are easy to see such as language, food, greeting & dress. Because we see them we can respond to them. The biggest part of culture is hidden below the surface, the invisible rules, beliefs, practices, and values that define each culture

Culture is very complex wider and involved thing.       

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