Sunday, 5 November 2017


Media today has emerged as the most powerful source of communication but it often neglects the work ethics, the morals. Journalism is one of the most insecured professions because unlike other professions Journalism does not require any liscense any degree to operate.

Just like any organised institution, a newspaper organisation has 'The editor in chief' who has the authority to take decisions, to command. On the misconduct of any information, employees belonging to all positions are held liable such as the reporter, the editor. Thus a reporter has to be very observant, very responsible in his conduct and needs to provide protection to his resources, his witnesses. Similarly an editor has to be very cautious in carrying out his duty.

Education today is skill oriented. On gaining the required skill one can not only create a want but also the need at the work. Place. If an employee is only wanted at the work place, he won't be able to sustain for long but if he's needed as well as wanted he will be able to develop and grow as a professional. Along with skill, trust and commitment also play a pivotal role in the success of the employee in the long run. One should think twice before making any commitment, should question as to why and how he is taking any decision, should maintain the work ethics and only then make his choices at the work place 

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