Sunday, 24 September 2017

DOORDARSHAN, MERI BAAT : Indian Etiquette, Traditions and Culture

Doordarshan Bharati is working as a cultural heritage of India & a dedicated channel to the Art and Culture. It gave us the golden opportunity to be the part of the programme "MERI BAAT" for knowing more and sharing our views on 'INDIAN ETIQUETTE,TRADITION and CULTURE'. The four Experts, Dr. Sheetal Kapoor (Associate professor in KNC, Consumer Activist) , Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari (Indian poet and writer), Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik (journalist,political analyst and freelance communist of India) And Dr.Brijesh tripathi ,who were there for amplifying our knowledge.

We all have grown up seeing our Tradition and cultures beside us and we are the shapers of culture  & the workers for change. what we learnt from our specialist is that,  India is regarded by many historian as the "oldest Living Civilization of the Earth" Indian tradition date back to 8000 BCE , & have a continuous history since the time of the Vedas , believed variously to be 3000 to 5500 years old. India has emerged out as a beautiful nation of traditions after fighting the malpractices like PURDAH SYSTEM, CHILD MARRIAGE, SATI TRADITION, however they were not the conventions but the abuses which were hollowing our culture from inside.

 It would be very false to say that the Modernization is overshadowing our culture. Definitely Not. Due to Modernization itself, we have been becoming more open and tolerant to other cultures & Traditions since many eras and adopting the good thing while ignoring the bad & yet we kept our heritage intact.

As India itself a nation of diverse cultures , but the "togetherness' is the symbol of our nation. Nothing is permanent in this world , and the diverse cultures will keep on introducing, so learn what is new, respect different cultures but your own culture should be paramount. 

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